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National Broadband Network Connection Attempts

Being that I rent a property within the Brunswick test site for the National Broadband Network (NBN), I was looking forward to getting this connection.

Information was sent out, and a consent form given, which I filled out and returned, granting my consent. I also gave details of my Real Estate Agency, Woodards so that the Landlord could also give consent.

On Monday, 6 Dec 2010, I was contacted by NBNco, as they had called my Property Manager to get consent. The Manager had brushed them off, saying she was too busy to talk about it, and that I must submit in writing, a request to them to be permitted to get this connection. I sent this request via Fax, that day.

While in contact with the Manager on Tuesday, she said that my request didn't go into enough detail, and she wished to know specifics of what will be dug up, what cable will be laid where, and what will be connected to the house. Clearly, I don't have this information, so I called NBNco to inform them of this development.

NBNco then emailed her with further information, describing what will happen. This was forwarded to the landlord.

On Wednesday, 8 Dec 2010, I received word from the Manager, stating:

The owners initial response to your request for NBN Connection was "I am unable to make a decision regarding the fibre optic at such short notice." And "until I am given the opportunity to do this (my own research) my answer is no." Sorry.

I reported this back to NBNco, who were quite shocked. I have the dubious honor of being the first person to have a Landlord deny them permission to be connected to the National Broadband Network. Apparently most other Landlords and Real Estate agents see the inherent value in the connection, and realise that this is something which will make the house more attractive to renters in the future. As it is now, whoever rents this property after us will need to pay $300 to be connected to what will be an important essential service, due to the lack of forward thinking by Woodards.

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