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  • Hard code portmapper ports on swamp
  • Set up auto syncing from swamp to capsid zpools


  • Return ada0 on swamp
  • Get apsis backing up to nas01 with timemachine
  • Get nas01 backing up with spideroak
  • Unmount nas01 everywhere
  • Rebuild nas01 with redundnacy
  • Get vicmini backing up to nas01 with timemachine
  • Figure out capsid zpool layout
  • Rebuild zpool on capsid
  • Move spideroak cache on capsid
  • Reset nas01 password
  • Get nut working on nas01
  • Get WakeOnLan working on capsid
  • Move nut graph script to swamp
  • Get openvpn working on swamp
  • Get dnsmasq working on swamp
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